Christian Proofreaders

Low-cost, High-quality Proofreading for Christian Manuscripts


Time to make your manuscript shine!

Your hard work is almost ready for publication, but in your eagerness, don’t forgo the crucial last step: proofreading. You could do it yourself, but . . .

Sadly, I see it all the time: indie and self-published Christian novels with glaring—and sometimes sneaky, not-so-glaring—errors. The plot may be stellar, but the writing mistakes jar readers out of the story. This is certainly not what the author intended. If only the author hadn’t skipped the essential¬†proofreading step which would have ensured his or her labor of love reached its full potential.

Proofreading is the final polish on an otherwise publishable manuscript. It’s an absolute must for professional work. It often means the difference between sales and sad zeros—or between glowing and scathing reviews. (Shudder.)

What to do? Turn the proofreading over to a fresh, unbiased, skillful eye. One who understands and respects the Christian genre. As an experienced, bestselling, award-winning Christian novelist whose books are highly rated and reviewed, I have a sharp eye for catching manuscript errors. I’ve been proofreading for over fifteen years, and I deliver top-notch work. In addition, my turnaround time is fast and my rates are extremely affordable.

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